Gravity VIP Series

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1st year Anniversary “VIP Race” series from 17th May - 5th June

The Gravity “VIP Race” series guarantees a pay-out of 90L+ in 20 days. The series has been designed to ensure every player is a winner. Unlimited gadgets to be won along with exclusive prizes for the top 8 on the leader board. Along with this there is a daily leader board Cash Prize of 1L to be won.



  • Every player will be awarded “Leaderboard Points” based on the number of VIP points a player generates. One leaderboard Point is equivalent to 50 VIP points.
  • A player has to reach minimum required hands or VIP points in any stakes (mentioned below) to be eligible for the daily prize pool of 1L.
    • Molly’s Game VIP Race: 1500 VIP Points
    • The Grand VIP Race: 400 VIP Points
    • Rounders VIP Race: 125 VIP Points
    • 0.5/1 & 1/2 hand race: 400
    • 2/4 & 3/6 hand race: 400
  • Any player who does not reach the minimum required VIP points in any stakes will not be eligible for the daily prize pool of 1L. However, the VIP points accrued will be valid for the Leaderboard points.
  • The minimum Leaderboard points is a must to be eligible for a prize.
  • If two of more players cross the minimum eligibility criteria required to win a prize, the player with the higher Leaderboard points will be awarded the first prize, player with the second highest Leaderboard points will win the second prize and so on.

    E.g. If 2 players cross the threshold of 2200 Leaderboard points, then the player with the higher leaderboard points will be eligible for 1st place and the person with the second highest leaderboard points will be eligible for 2nd place. In continuation to this, if 5 players cross the threshold leaderboard points of 1350, then the person with the highest leaderboard points will be eligible for the 3rd place and so on.

  • Prizes for places 1 – 8 will be only 1 in nature (one prize per player, they are Not unlimited). Top 8 will be awarded the prize based on the leaderboard points and their ranking on the leaderboard.  
  • Players can avail unlimited gadgets based on the leaderboard points. E.g. If a player generates 400 Leaderboard points, the player can claim both “I Pad air” and “I Watch”.
  • All prizes are subject to government taxes, to be borne by the player.
  • VIP Points conversion will not be allowed during the promotions.
  •  All prizes will be distributed to the players within 20 days after the conclusion of the series.
  • If a player decides to exchange the winning prize to cash, the player will be eligible for 80% of the prize value.
  • Any player found colluding, unethical play or involved in any other sort of fraudulent activities, will not be liable to receive any prizes.
  • All winners of prize will be required to provide their images, video, and interview for media activity and shall remain the property of Calling Station.
  • Calling station’s decision will be final and binding for any disputes arising during this promotion


Place Prize Min Points for eligibility
1st (Only 1) Honda Civic (1.8 V CVT petrol) 2200
2nd (Only 1) Skoda Rapid (Style 1.6, petrol) 1350
3rd (Only 1) Kawasaki Ninja 650 1350
4th (Only 1) Baleno 1350
5th (Only 1) Yamaha YRF R3 1350
6th (Only 1) Benelli TNT 300 550
7th (Only 1) RE interceptor 550
8th (Only 1) Honda CBR250R 550
Unlimited macbook pro 13 inch 450
Unlimited macbook air 13inch gold 350
Unlimited iphone xr 64GB 275
Unlimited i pad air 225
Unlimited I Watch 175
Unlimited one + 6T 125
Unlimited oppo r15 pro 100
Unlimited vivo v11 75
Unlimited oppo f5 50



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