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Poker is an intelligent sport that is today capturing the young Indians. The sport requires one to be sharp calculative and good with people to play and excel. The most important part of this sport is that it's FUN. You win some, you lose some, that's the essence of the game. You enjoy it because it's all about the people you are playing with.

Calling Station is an online poker platform which offers a fun poker experience . Poker enthusiasts will get a whole range of games and tournaments to participate and win exciting offers.

The term ' Calling Station ' is used in jest for a particular kind of poker player who irrespective of any spot or position will CALL any bets. The term 'calling station' represents as a fun label for a poker player apart unlike other names such as BluffMaster, TwoPair, SetMaster, Grinder,Fish etc to name a few.The brand CallingStation represents thatfun part of the sport which connects people and makes it an enjoyable experience.


Poker is Fun!


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