This is in relation to the various news reports published over the last couple of days regarding Mr Yathish L Gowda and the purported organisation of ‘online gambling’ by Mr Gowda at a ‘gaming office’ owned by our co-founder, Mr Kevin Johnson. The Central Crime Branch had apprehended Mr Gowda, one of our employees, on the allegation of organising online gaming and specifically ‘online poker games for punters’. is incorporated and registered in Bengaluru and is a respectable business and brand in the space of online gaming. is a legitimate online gaming website that offers online poker games for its users in a responsible virtual gaming environment that is in compliance with applicable laws. The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka has on numerous occasions upheld in the past that poker is a game of skill and thereby (a) does not amount to gambling; and (b) is excluded from the ambit of gambling laws applicable in the State of Karnataka.

The enquiry on Mr Gowda is extremely unfortunate especially during these challenging and unprecedented times. However, as law-abiding corporate and individual citizens, we are fully committed to co-operating with the governmental authorities and agencies in their inquiries and investigations. We are working with the governmental authorities and agencies in resolving this issue at the earliest.

We would also like to re-assure all our users that all of’s offerings are as per applicable laws. We appreciate the continued support of our users during this time.